Video of Woodpecker Drumming in Tampa

The Florida pine forests are the typical habitat for woodpeckers. The architecture of many homes within the Greater Tampa Bay utilizes Styrofoam providing woodpeckers with an easy material to peck at. There are eight species of woodpeckers in Florida. The Red-Bellied Woodpecker is the most common woodpecker seen in Tampa. Why do woodpeckers drum? A […]

Woodpecker Damage

Woodpeckers are the root of both costly damage to houses and noisy disruptions for residents. Homeowners should look for chipped paint, dents, and holes along siding, trim, chimneys, and near fences. Hearing repeated pecking is also a clear indicator of woodpecker infestations. Why is a woodpecker pecking at my house? Woodpeckers drill holes with their […]

Can Rats Climb?

Roof rats have a natural affinity for climbing due to a combination of factors that make them exceptional climbers. Their anatomy has adapted to enhance their climbing abilities. Roof rats possess physical traits that enhance their climbing abilities. They have sharp claws on their feet, allowing them to grip onto various surfaces, including rough textures […]

How to Protect Fruit Trees from Palm Rats

In Florida, the roof rat causes the most damage.  Also known as the fruit rat, palm rat, and citrus rat, these arboreal rodents can travel through trees similar to a squirrel. They build leaf and twig nests in citrus trees or skirts of old fronds on palm trees. Because they are nocturnal, rats in trees […]

Roof Rats in Tampa Bay

Rats cause structural and aesthetic damage to the interior and exterior of homes. They contaminate food and carry diseases, risking your and your family’s health. It is crucial to address a rat problem as soon as you notice rat activity. The Norway rat is the most common rat pest in the U.S., but in Florida, […]

How Animals Get in Tampa Bay’s Most Popular Homes

Tampa Bay Neighborhood Street

People have been visiting and moving to Tampa Bay for decades. No state income tax, low cost of living, sandy beaches, and excellent school districts have attracted people from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, and more.   Living in the ‘Sunshine State’ has plenty of perks. But the perpetual sunshine and warm climate […]